We are a company in the Industrial IoT field with successful implementations across retail and logistics domains. Our team delivers excellence in IoT by tailoring different complex areas (from field integration, sensor design & calibration, platform coding) to exact customer needs. We take pride in delivering only the best.

The 4 main pillars of our End-to-end Industrial IoT solution


Why to choose Ion Valley

  • End-to-End IoT Platform
    We provide the hardware, software, connectivity, security, and device management tools to handle millions of concurrent device connections.

    • Development and Maintenance

      We provide all the managed integrations you need — OTA firmware updates, device management, cloud connection, cellular modem, etc — to connect and monitor your fleet of devices online.

    • Scalability
      Built by an experienced team specialized in the design and implementation of scalable software and solutions from an infrastructure and operational management perspective.

    • Built in security
      To secure your data, our entire platform is covered by a SSL/TLS stack to provide maximum security in the cloud

    • Realtime analytics
      The platform enables organizations to make the most out of real-time data by helping them to extract the valuable information and trends from it.

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    Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others

    - Jonathan Swift -

    Discover new opportunities to reduce costs & improve performance

    Our IoT ecosystem is more than just technology, or connecting things just for the sake of it. It's about delivering real value and helping our customers succeed. We make robust and tailored solutions, and go the extra mile in meeting the needs of our customers.

    Energy Efficiency

    Driven by the growing demand for process automation and operational  efficiency Our Smart energy management systems can help improve your decision making.

    Product Routing Optimisation

    Real-Time Data Stream Processing continuously collects data as it’s generated from devices and promptly reacts to critical alerts. Examine and visualize data and obtain valuable business insight on devices, users, usage and more.

    Harness your data

    Combine all your asset data into one view, apply data driven decisioning, to turn your asset specific data into revenue-generating opportunities.

    Predictive Maintenance

    Our aim is to predict when equipment failure might occur and to prevent its occurrence by performing maintenance.  Thus, equipment downtime is minimized and the component lifetime is maximized.

    Predictive Financial Target

    Enables factory managers to monitor actual production and profitability compared to the set target/budgets and take actions is performance is below expectations.

    Maximized up-time and yield

    Prevent unplanned downtime to keep assets up and running. Use predictive analytics to maximize operation efficiency and optimize machine utilization, routes and productivity.

    Use Cases

    Accelerate the time to solution deployment and simplify the path to cost savings, new efficiencies, inventory accuracy, smarter marketing, and better customer experiences with an end-to-end solution.


    The Challenge

    Following the safety guidelines, supermarkets are required to install food temperature cold chain monitoring sensors. Monitoring sensors will have to send you alerts or notification to your smartphone if the temperature goes below a set threshold.

    The Solution

    The installed monitored sensors allows restaurant owners and other food businesses, such as food processing, manufacturers, delivery, and wholesale services to accurately monitoring the temperature of their food storage facilities.

    The Result

    The proposed cloud-based IoT solution works for any business in the food or industry or who serves food to their clients, such as hospitals, care facilities, and even schools.





    The Challenge

    Warehouses, a key link in the supply chain, need to reduce equipment damage and create an error-free process through the integration of existing automated systems into a more connected and integrated whole.

    The Solution

    Thanks to IoT every item, every device, and every employee in a smart warehouse is connected not only inside the warehouse but also to wider enterprise systems and the outside world.

    The Result

    How do these systems help warehouse operation efficiency? Large warehouse operations must track their items – and real-time IoT devices increase the likelihood that the correct items will be shipped and companies know where items are.

    Smart Buildings

    The Challenge

    Optimize the maintenance processes, reduce the building energy footprint and better manage the building space, providing an improved tenant experience.

    The Solution

    Reducing the total cost of ownership by monitoring the facilities, checking the occupancy of the building in order  to minimize operating and asset care cost. Our solution will match your needs.

    The Result

    A smart building assists users in real time and helps improve comfort, space, energy and resource usage. This data enables people guidance in real time and provides valuable insights to improve building performance over time.


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